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Meet the Farmer


A Gardener's Journey

Journey Basham is the creative mind and green thumb behind Lucayda Farm’s success.

Born and raised in Orange County California, Journey taught pre-K before deciding to turn her love of growing things into a business. Lucayda Farm (named after her two children) has given Journey the opportunity to share her personal passion and skills with others.

Lucayda Farm, now in its second decade, has matured from a small business focused on seasonal plants sales to a robust company that works year-round, focusing not only on the traditional growing seasons of spring and summer; but now also on supporting year-round food production and sharing nature’s beauty at the holiday time with the creation of artistic wreaths and locally sourced greens, berries and trees.

A first-generation farmer, Journey is a real-life example of what she believes-that anyone can learn to grow their own food-no matter how they grew up or where they live. Journey’s commitment to helping others create edible landscapes that are both healthy and beautiful is at the core of everything Lucayda Farm does.