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March 19 2023

Lucayda Farm News:
Late Winter 2023

The farm and green house are starting to come to life. We are currently cloaked in a blanket of snow and you may have noticed the days lengthening and the change in light.

Journey has begun preparing for spring at the farm! She has seeded plants that are slower to start. Ordered a mountain of potting soil, potted raspberry plants, and has been busy pouring over seed catalogs to make sure we will have all of our staple vegetable, herb, flower, and berry garden starts as well as any new trial varieties for this year's Plant Sales.

This is a wonderful time of year to start planning your home garden. Cozy up with a cup of tea and enjoy a seed catalog to get the ideas flowing, check out the varieties we will be sure to have here and think back to last year's garden...did you plant enough zucchini?

Journey and the team at Lucayda Farm

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